MCMAT Value Addition Programmes

Marthoma College of Management & Technology, Perumbavoor
(Approved by AICTE and Affiliated to M.G. University)


The extra- curricular activities at MCMAT are for improvement of the communication and presentation skills of the students. Seminars- capitation at institutional and inter institutional levels are arranged periodically. Group discussions, quiz and other tests are systematically conducted and students are equipped to face tests and other selection procedures by job provider. Regular national seminars and other enrichment programmers are conducted to enhance student’s knowledge on various areas of business and financial sectors. Major action groups and adventure club activities are planned for student. The every students and faculty, are members of the ET club and the day starts with analysis of base ET editorial. An activity hour on a daily basis is exclusively used by the students under the supervision of a faculty for a soft- skill development.

Course Highlights

  • Hands- on Industry Exposure
  • Intensive sessions with top Managers
  • Mentorship Activity
  • Enrichment Programmes
  • Personality Development Sessions
  • National Seminars, Symposia
  • English Proficiency Classes
  • Knowledge Management Activities
  • Research Assignments and Mini Projects
  • Management Quiz and Business Games
  • Value Based Education
  • Weekly Seminars/Guest Lectures
  • Regular Industrial visits and interaction with professional bodies like NIPM, KMA etc.
  • Yoga and Meditation Sessions
  • Eco- friendly activities
  • Retreats and out-door training Programmes
  • Placement Assistance
  • Entrepreneur Development Programmes
  • Communication Skill Development Programmes

Extra-Curricular Activities 

The extra-curricular activities at MCMAT are for improvement of the communication and presentation skills of the students. Seminars/Competitions at institution and inter-institution levels are arranged periodically.  Group discussions, quiz and other tests are systematically conducted and students are equipped to face tests and other selection procedures by job providers.  Nature Action Groups and Adventure Club activities are planned for the students.


The Annual Management Fest “Fratres” which means, to gather together for a common purpose is being regularly conducted. It is inter collegiate competition where management students of leading B-schools of South India are invited to participate and challenge their limits. This helps the students of MCMAT to gain experience in organizing bigger events and activities which help them to become future leaders, quality decision makers and successful entrepreneurs.

Enrichment Programmes

MCMAT has designed programme with academic and job oriented dimensions in the areas of marketing of agro- products, management of forest recourse, operation, international business, IT, operations and management of service marketing include tourism, banks, insurance, hospitals, hotels and amusement parks. The students have to opt for one of these programmes and complete a scheduled training field work of and above the university programme through mentoring. This is planned to offer students opportunities to identify their field of interest and prepare for their future endeavours.

Mentor Program

MCMAT has introduced a mentor programme in the campus to benefit its students by offering opportunities to each student to have a close interaction with eminent an experienced managers, administrators on a regular basis. This is expected to provide great opportunities of soft skill development and potential for professional growth of individual students through exposure to entrepreneurs. The students have to be with mentor for a scheduled number of hours and work on assignment provided by him/her with the purpose of scouting for innovative business ideas.

Industry Interface

MCMAT believes that text book knowledge is not all that a student of management should rely on. To be successful managers students have to be exposed to real world problems and practices so that they are well prepared for the future. Many top executives and eminent personalities from the corporate world are being associated with MCMAT.

Speaking Club

In recent years, foreign languages attract much attention to studying themselves in schools and colleges. Language teaching experts aim to broaden the scope of learning the language beyond the realm of mere grammar and reading. In the speaking club, the students have the chance to enhance different skills in English in a variety of topics. It give students opportunities to practicing English in a relaxed and informal environment. There is no magic trick to learn English. It takes much effort and time to acquire the required communication skills. However, a speaking club makes the learning process much easy. As part of this, daily we are conducting public speaking sessions for the students to enhance their capabilities in communication.

Quiz club

Quiz club has been formed with the objective to train the students to actively participate in various inter-collegiate and state level competitions. It is to update the knowledge of the students in various fields like Academic, General Knowledge, Analytical abilities, Quantitative reasoning, etc., The Quiz Club aims at identifying students talented in quiz and creating opportunities for them to sharpen their quizzing skills. As part of this, Directors quiz is conducted regularly during each academic year for the betterment of students.

Debate club

A debate club gives students of all abilities a fun way of developing their oracy skills. The purpose of debate is to express yourself and speak your heart out on a given topic. It teach you the techniques to convince your belief to others, how to defend yourself when contradicted and how to express yourself in a formal manner. The club could also help students to become more informed about political and global affairs, or provide a venue for students to train for debate competitions with local as well as national level events.

Arts club

Arts club of MCMAT provides an opportunity to the students to let their imagination run wild and provides them with the sight to see things in a different way. Students learn from one another and share their prowess in different aspects of art. The college provides opportunities to develop talents in different forms of art like music, singing, dance, drama etc. It also help the students to develop their leadership abilities.

Sports club

The Sport Club Program at MCMAT is comprised of sport clubs formed, developed, governed, and administered by the students working in conjunction with the faculty in charge.  The key to the success of this program is student leadership, interest, involvement, and participation. It offers the students an opportunity to participate in a broad variety of sports and recreational activities.  All programs are based on student interest and designed to enhance the Mcmatian experience by creating an environment where students can unite in diverse groups to achieve common goals and objectives.  Club’s focus may be recreational, instructional, competitive, or a combination of these types of activities based on its constitution. Sport Club activities are strictly voluntary and involvement in a Sport Club enhances the student’s college experience and contribute to the student’s overall education and wellness. .

Green initiative

Creating a sustainable society is a challenge that has to be addressed from many perspectives. The reality of climate change has now accelerated the acceptance of environmentally responsible actions. To begin with, MCMAT decided to engage in practices which reduce negative impact on environment, thereby promote the health of the planet and its creatures. This Initiative aims at enhancing sustainable collaboration in all our activities within the institution and towards the economy.

 Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility has been a fixture in the business world for decades, and has become embedded in many universities. The purpose of corporate social responsibility or CSR is to guide organisations to act “in an ethical and transparent way that contributes to the health and welfare of society”. By developing such strategies, we aim to discover the opportunity to move the focus beyond the classroom into our own institutional operations for the welfare of the society.

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