DWMS Registration process and career support programmes orientation by Kerala knowledge mission

Venue : MCMAT  Conference Hall.  Time : 12 Pm 19/02/2024

On February 19, 2024, the Kerala Knowledge Mission hosted an orientation session on its DWMS (Digital Workforce Management System) app at the MCMAT Conference Hall. The session primarily focused on the registration process and career support programs offered through the app to post graduate students.

The orientation was attended by first-year and second-year MBA students, eager to explore opportunities for career advancement.

Dr. Sunil Varghese, Head of the Department, warmly introduced Mr. Sadique as the resource person for the session.  Mr. Sadique guided students through the registration process on the government job portal via the DWMS app. He emphasized the importance of active participation on the app to avail of its benefits.


Key Highlights

Registration Process: Mr. Sadique provided step-by-step guidance on registering with the government job portal through the DWMS app, ensuring students were well-equipped to navigate the process

Career Support Programs: Students were informed about the various career support programs available on the app, aimed at assisting them in their professional endeavours

Importance of Employment: Mr. Sadique underscored the significance of securing employment amidst the current scenario of widespread unemployment, encouraging students to actively pursue job opportunities

Job vs. Career: An insightful discussion on the distinction between a job and a career shed light on the importance of long-term career planning and personal growth.

The session concluded on a high note, with students actively engaging in discussions and gaining valuable insights into the registration process and career support programs offered by the Kerala Knowledge Mission’s DWMS app.

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