In collaboration with the Placement Cell of Marthoma Women’s College, MCMAT Perumbavoor organized an MBA Orientation specifically tailored for final year degree students of Marthoma Women’s College.

Date: February 5th, 2024 Venue: PG Auditorium, Marthoma Women’s College, Perumbavoor

On February 5th, 2024, the Placement Cell of Marthoma Women’s College organized an MBA orientation in collaboration with MCMAT Perumbavoor. It was held at 2:30 PM in the PG Auditorium of Marthoma Women’s College, Perumbavoor. The event aimed to enlighten students about career prospects, particularly in pursuing an MBA, and to provide insights into admission procedures, scholarships, and the significance of standardized tests like MAT exam.

Mr. Jijo Jayraj, the Placement Coordinator, extended a warm welcome to the resource person Dr Philip Thomas  Director MCMAT Mrs. Diviya CV and Mr. Tomy Dominic, faculty member of MCMAT, and all attendees, , participated in the orientation setting the tone for the event. Following this, Dr. Philip Thomas, Director of MCMAT Perumbavoor, delivered an informative orientation session about pursuing an MBA at MCMAT. Dr. Philip Thomas elaborated on the scope of an MBA, emphasizing its relevance in today’s dynamic job market. He provided detailed information about the facilities available at MCMAT, scholarship opportunities, fee structure, and the admission procedure. Additionally, Dr. Thomas highlighted the importance of the MAT exam as a prerequisite for securing admission to the MBA program.

After the orientation session, an interactive Q&A session was conducted, allowing students to seek clarifications and gain further insights into pursuing an MBA at MCMAT Perumbavoor. The session facilitated meaningful interactions between the students and the faculty, fostering a conducive learning environment.

To conclude the event on a celebratory note, a draw was conducted from the names of the attendees, and prizes were distributed to the lucky winners. This activity added an element of excitement and engagement, encouraging active participation from the students.

Overall, the orientation proved to be a valuable platform for students to gather information about pursuing an MBA and to interact with experts in the field. It provided valuable insights into career opportunities and equipped students with the necessary knowledge to make informed decisions about their academic and professional pursuits.

The Placement Cell expresses gratitude to all participants, speakers, and organizers for their contributions to the success of the event

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