MCMAT Perumbavoor Hosted- Prestigious Best Manager Competition

Perumbavoor, 25/02/2024: The Marthoma College of Management and Technology (MCMAT) in Perumbavoor concluded its highly anticipated Best Manager competition with a grand finale that showcased the managerial acumen of its participants. The competition, open to both seniors and juniors from the MBA program, put contestants through a rigorous series of challenges designed to test their analytical, public speaking, and stress management skills.

The day was packed with excitement, starting off with a case analysis presentation where participants were tasked with unraveling complex business scenarios and proposing viable solutions. This segment was not only a test of their analytical prowess but also their ability to communicate effectively under pressure.

Following the case analysis, the contestants moved on to the public speaking round, a platform that tested their ability to articulate ideas clearly and persuasively. The topics ranged from current economic trends to global management practices, challenging participants to think on their feet and engage their audience.

The final hurdle was the stress interview, a daunting task designed to simulate high-pressure situations that managers often face. Contestants were grilled by a panel of experts, testing their composure, problem-solving abilities, and decision-making skills under duress.

As the competition drew to a close, the anticipation amongst the audience reached its peak. The results were finally announced, marking a memorable moment for the MBA department of MCMAT.

Mr. Joys Vincent, from the MBA seniors, was declared the Best Manager, showcasing exceptional skills across all segments of the competition. His strategic thinking, eloquent public speaking, and resilience under pressure set him apart from his peers, earning him the prestigious title.

From the juniors’ class, Jubin Thomas emerged as the Best Manager, demonstrating remarkable talent and potential. His innovative approaches to the case analyses, captivating public speaking skills, and unwavering confidence during the stress interview impressed the judges and audience alike.

The event was a testament to the high standards of excellence upheld by MCMAT and its commitment to nurturing future leaders. The Best Manager competition not only highlighted the talent within the institution but also provided a platform for students to hone their managerial skills in a competitive and supportive environment.

Congratulations to Mr. Joys Vincent and Jubin Thomas on their well-deserved victories, setting an inspiring example for their peers and future participants.



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