Placement and Career Guidance Cell of Marthoma College of Management and Technology

Placement and Career Guidance Cell of Marthoma College of Management and Technology
kickstarted this year’s external placement training program on November 28, 2022. The
training program was held for three days and was carried out by Triple N Academy corporate
Trainers Mr. Praveen S. Madhavan and Ms. Jaseela Mohammed. Both 2021 & 2022 batch
students attended the training program.
The main objective of the training program was to expose students to the Corporate Culture
and explain them the processes followed there and to make them comfortable when they are
exposed to it.
➢ To make them realise the importance of a Resume and build one.
➢ To help them understand the nuances of Group Discussions and apply them during mock
➢ To take out the fear of Personal Interviews in them and help them attend Interviews more
➢ To help them understand Corporate Culture and Grooming Etiquettes
The training had different sessions on Resume Building, introduction to Group Discussions
and assessments and detailed procedures to approach different topics of GD. This was
followed by blend of live mock Personal Interviews and sharing of techniques to face
interviews along with assessments. The multitude of training methodologies were utilized in
order to make sure all the participants are involved and grasp the whole concepts and practice
what they learn. Some students who had personal issues and were unsure about getting into
the corporate world were given personal counselling sessions. The emotional ventilation
alleviated tension and stress to many students and made them feel better and lighter.The
training program was conducted successfully and majority of the participants took active part
in all the three days of the training. Overall, students had a wonderful experience by
enlightening them about the corporate world ethics.

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